Equazones Flying Out The Door
by HH Pressure Care
27th January 2021

With the current European wide shortage of foam due to the lack of the chemical TDI available Wheelchair Services and Community Stores have been sourcing alternative Pressure Cushions. We have been extremely lucky and due to superb efforts from our Production Team keeping their finger on the pulse we haven’t seen a shortage of foam and have been able to keep up with increased demand for all of our pressure cushions over the last 2 months.

The true winner over this period have been the Equazone, over the last 2 months it has now secured itself on 8 new Community Contract, not just as an Immediate Issue High Risk Air Cushion but due its stability it is replacing up to 5 cushions on some contracts. The ease of set up, price, UK manufactured quality and reliability has seen over a 90% increase in such a short period of time from our high risk air cushion that was already growing extremely strong in the market.

To find out more please contact us on; t:01531 800 199       e:sales@hhpressurecare.co.uk