NAEP Thinking Inside the Box
by Charlotte Mills
16th June 2021

NAEP Thinking Inside The Box

Last week we were invited to sponsor the North West regional NEAP meeting. During the pandemic, NEAP has been holding regional meetings over Teams & Zoom.  Usually, we’d provide lunch and the meeting room but in this situation, we thought inside the box…
What’s inside the box?  As you all know, our products are designed and manufactured in Herefordshire.  So we decided to send a taste of Herefordshire to the NEAP attendees.
But it wasn’t just about sending freebies!  Most importantly inside the box was an Equazone pressure cushion. As part of the sponsorship, Mark & Mitch were able to present the Equazone to 20+ CES Key Decision Makers.  The Equazone air cushion was greatly received by all who attended.  So much so, NAEP has taken on Equazone to conduct a team study to prove Equazone’s efficiency against its closest competition.
Keep a lookout for NAEP’s published findings.  In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about the Equazone pressure relieving cushion, click the link below;

Equazone Instant Air Cushion