Comfort Donated to Pendleside Hospice
by Charlotte Mills
20th April 2021

During the past year many charities have struggled financially due to a lack of fundraising.  Events have been cancelled and charity shops have been forced to close due to the Covid pandemic.  Many volunteers are also out of action because of shielding or sickness.

The pandemic has hit the hospice and end-of-life care sector particularly hard. With up to three times. The effects of Covid-19 have seen a 75 per cent reduction in funding, while experiencing increased demand for patient services.

Mark Ferguson, our Northern Area Sales Manager, wanted to help his local hospice, Pendleside Hospice in Burnley.  Over the years Pendleside has cared for Mark’s family and friends so he knows first hand the excellent help they provide to the local community.

Mark sent Pendleside some information about our Equazone pressure cushions to see if they would be useful.  The hospice got back to Mark to confirm this and so Mark donated a stock of Equazone air cushions for their patients to use.

A contact for Pendleside Hospice commented, “Mark’s donation was greatly appreciated.  The Equazone cushions will provide comfort to our patients.”

To find out about the Equazone pressure cushion go to – Equazone Air Cushion | Helping Hand Pressure Care (