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Lowzone Wheelchair
Wheelchair Back

Correctly fitted lateral support, will enhance trunk stability and pelvic positioning.? Our range of wheelchair backs will help reduce fatigue and maximise function for day long comfort – work, rest or play

  • Customisable for maximum surface support – to accommodate fixed postures such as kyphosis or lordosis
  • Posterior and lateral thoracic support options – for gentle, respectful positioning
  • Balancing and extending the trunk with a seat back support – will decrease pressure against the low and middle back, which in turn, decreases seat shear pressures
Wheelchair Posture
Lowzone Wheelchair

Lateral Support Back

  • Compact design minimises impact on seat depth, maximising the seated area for optimum weight distribution
  • Accommodates current posture with lateral support to keep body in midline
  • Early preventative postural support or interim prescription
15-20″ width, 12-16″ high, 1.5″ deep
38-50cm width, 30-40cm high, 4cm deep
Made to measure service available
Navy or black spacer cover as standard
Lowzone Wheelchair

Functional Support Back

  • Promotes good ‘chest open’ position to facilitate body function e.g. breathing and digestion
  • Adjustable lateral width to accommodate range of clients
  • Continuous curved lumbar support for day long comfort
17″ wide, 15″ high, 4″ deep
43cm wide, 38cm high, 10cm deep
Navy or black spacer cover as standard
Lowzone Wheelchair

Lowzone Back

  • Designed for maximum freedom of movement, whilst providing a more functional seating posture
  • Offset lumbar reduces lower back fatigue, and accommodate various heights of clients
  • Adult and paediatric options
16-18″ width, 16-18″ high, 1 or 1.5″ deep
40-46cm width, 40-46 high, 2.4-4cm deep
Black spacer, black wipedown or
navy towelling covers as standard