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Micro-climate thermo regulation materials that come into contact with the skin affect the nature of the climate skin is exposed to, but that is only part of the story.

  • Excessive moisture can make skin weaker – as can excessive dryness.? Urine is particularly bad not only due to moisture but it also contains damaging chemicals and promotes bacterial growth
  • At higher temperatures the skin demands more nutrition and oxygen – which makes it prone to ulceration.? However, heat also reduces the mechanical strength of the skin.
  • Older skin is thinner, weaker and drier – making it more prone to shear and friction damage
Coolover Temperature

CoolOver fabrics work right up close

integral to every fabric thread rather than a separate inner layer

All new hypoallergenic CoolOver fabric contains micro-capsules

these absorb excess heat when the body is hot and release when the body cools down, which equals a more even temperature for maximum skin integrity

Hypothermia occurs when you lose more heat than your body can produce and you feel very cold

Hyperthermia occurs when your body produces more heat than it can lose – however it is not the sweating that cools, it is the sweat evaporating


Coolover fabric’s 3D spacer knit allows air to move freely, keeping you cooler and drier.

Cooler as moisture can more easily evaporate and drier as moisture is moved away from the skin.

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CoolOver is available on all Cushions, Backs and the Posturite range

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