Pressure Care Cushion Range

Our Pressure Care range can be tailored to the need of any user with our easy to follow Red, Yellow, Green system in conjunction with our wide selection of sizes, shapes and covers.

Category – At Risk / Very High Risk Max Weight – 40 stone / 254kg

The Equazone is a very high risk pressure relieving air cushion.

Equazone self-inflates to the correct pressure relieving level every single time – no pump needed. No air cushion is easier to set up.

Worried about punctures or loss of air? No need.

The cushion has reinforced welded seams across all quadrants. On the unlikely event it does leak, Equazone is backed up by a medium risk pressure relieving foam.

Category – Up to Medium Max Weight – 23 Stone / 146kg

Lowzone Eco is our entry cushion in the pressure care range, it offers great weight distribution and improved comfort.

High performance temperature sensitive memory foam
Increased stability from dual foam construction
Extremely cost effective

Category – Medium Max Weight – 18 Stone / 114kg

The original high performance memory foam cushion with high fluid like conformity for day long support.

For over 25 years Lowzone foam has been the pressure distributing foam of choice for almost any situation.

Category – Medium Max Weight – 25 stone / 158kg

Lowzone distributes body weight across the whole seating surface, maintains stability and reduces shear.

Category – Medium / High Max Weight – 25 Stone / 158kg

The new Lowzone Gel Switch offers the same great performance as the Lowzone Gel 2 but you can use it ‘any-way-up’.

Lowzone Gel2 High Pressure Gel Cushion Logo

Category – High Max Weight – 25 stone / 158kg

Integrating unsurpassed pressure management, progressive postural control and microclimate regulation.

Category – High Max Weight – 40 Stone /254kg on 3″ & 4″ cushions

ClimaZone delivers ‘next generation cushion technology’

An extremely light weight cushion with optimum pressure distribution and stability.

** NEW ** Bariatric weight limit

Lowzone Gel2 High Pressure Gel Cushion Logo
Category – High Max Weight – 40 stone / 254kg

The ready to issue air cushion with superb stability and NO set up required

Starlock Air Cushion Logo

Category – High

In air cell cushions the combination of pressure redistributing qualities, positioning and stability have always been a difficult compromise. StarLock solves all these requirements elegantly.