• Equazone-Premium


The ready to issue air cushion with superb stability and NO setup required

  • Immediate pressure reduction
  • Stability from unique quadrants of air
  • Thermo Regulating
  • NO set up required
  • NO pump needed

Equazone Premium Features

  • EQUAZONE premium offers unprecedented pressure reduction to the highest level with the inclusion of temperature regulation
  • The cushion comes pre set which means you’ll never need a pump and the quadrants will always remain inflated to assist user’s stability as well as pressure
  • The ischial cut outs give any user the confidence that their bony prominences will always be immersed in air

Equazone Premium Case Study

Female stroke patient, North Midlands, 66 years old, 24 stone


This client has used over ten cushions in the last few years since her stroke, between the Wheelchair Therapist and District Nursing Team they have been unable to find a solution that she finds comfortable as well as reducing the increased pressure on her right side due to her lean.

Several trials were carried out over a weekly basis on a gel cushion, static air cushion and the Equazone.  All cushions pressure mapped ok for the lady but the Equazone managed to significantly reduce the pressure under the lady’s right IT as well as provide her with the comfort she hadn’t felt for a few years.  She is now happily using the Equazone on her wheelchair and armchair at home every day, there are no longer any signs of redness on her skin but most of all she is no longer in pain when sitting.

Equazone Premium Technical Information

  • Code: LLEQMTRG – 17”x17”
    • Fits seat size 16.5”x16.5” up to 18”x18″
  • LLEQLTRG 21”x19”
    • Fits seat size 20”x18” up to 22”x20”
  • 40 stone Weight limit
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fire retardancy details:
    • Flame retardant complies with BS7176:1989, Ignitability Source 0,1 & Crib 5.  Please keep away from sharp objects and direct heat, including cigarettes


Equazone Premium Care

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe clean with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and a neutral detergent. Chlorine based cleaning solutions (i.e. bleach) can be diluted to 1%. DO NOT use biological cleaner. Hang to dry.

Cushion usage instructions

Ensure all 4 valves are open

Leave cushion for 30 seconds to inflate

Place all 4 valves back in

Cushion is ready to use

*instructions and cleaning instructions are also on the rear of the cushion