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In air cell cushions the combination of pressure redistributing qualities, positioning and stability have always been a difficult compromise. StarLock solves all these requirements elegantly.

With its patented Cell Locking technology, the flow between the StarLock air cells can be locked and thus be custom fitted to the user´s needs for positioning and stability while keeping it’s high pressure redistributing qualities. StarLock cushions provide the highest level of therapeutic prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, for all pressure ulcers categories together with unique positioning possibillities and stability. Starlock is avaliable in heights of 5, 7.5, 10 and 13 cm. For users with severe atrophy in the gluteal area, we recommend 13 cm cell height. The Starlock cushion can also easily be used as a one compartment cushion.

Starlock Features


Corrective Stability
The StarLock air cell locking technology provides maximum stability and combines unique positioning possibilities with excellent pressure redistribution qualities.

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Immersion and envelopment
The air cell design allows the user to immerse into the cushion. Higher cells provide the best envelopment. The StarLock is available in 5, 7.5, 10 and 13 cm cell heights.


Pressure redistribution
The StarLock cushion has excellent pressure redistribution properties. The air cells adapt to the body structure, minimizing tissue deformation. Perfect for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.


Pressure free zones
To improve the sitting tolerance when severe pain is an issue, or off loading is medically prescribed, StarLock technology can create a stable, pressure free zone, with just as good pressure redistribution around the zone.