• Indicator Cushion
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Indicator Stack

HH Indicator Cushion - Helping you to identify client needs and choose the right cushion... every single time!

The indicator cushion is our brand new assessment tool that is really easy to use and can identify – from peak pressures – which cushion in our range will work best for the user

When assessing clients, you want to minimise any areas of doubt by prescribing the correct cushion every single time.

  • Quick and easy

  • Eliminating doubt

  • Makes your life easier

iQ Sensing

What is iQ Sensing?

iQ Sensing is the first stage of our revolutionary introduction of technology into pressure care.  It is time for change and that is why our cushions will enable the end user to take control of their own health and well being.

iQ sensing will actively monitor your clients pressure needs for the entire time they are using their cushion.

iQ Sensing - How does it work?

Our cushions can be set to alert the client to move after a set period of time that you feel is sufficient for this user to meet their pressure relieving needs.

But it’s not just a timeframe.  If the user is putting too much pressure on the cushion within the set time period, the sensor will intervene earlier and beep, to alert the user to change position.

Pressure cushion with sensor to prevent pressure sore