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Integrated Pressure Sensing

iQ sensing helps pressure cushion users stay active

​We manufacture and sell a lot of Pressure Care cushions but they aren’t miracle workers however keeping people moving, healthy and active can be.
This is exactly where iQ pressure sensing improves your users lifestyle…..

What it does…

In all of our pressure cushions apart from Lowzone and Lowzone Gel Switch you can have an integral pressure sensor added.

The sensor is situated within the cushion and activated when a user sits on their cushion, it will give them regular prompts in the sound of a beep if they haven’t moved.

We all need these prompts to ensure we are moving regular, this should be an action carried out to our full capabilities.

For people using our pressure cushions their range of movement vary hugely so it could be the user leans from one side to the other, it could be they weight bear for a few minutes or do a job around the house and then come back to their chair.

IQ Pressure Sensing Range for pressure area care and pressure ulcer prevention

How does it work…

1. IQ sensing will alert any cushion user when they haven’t moved or altered their position on a cushion for a set time, be it 1, 2 or 3 hours.

2. It sounds expensive but it really isn’t, for just 10% extra it can be added to the cushion of your user’s choice

3. The cost of iQ sensing is nothing in the cost of someone’s health

What cushions can iQ sense go on…

Lowzone Gel2 High Pressure Gel Cushion Logo

Cleaning and Care…


Regularly check for any splits, tears, loose stitching or excessive wear. Check the foam to ensure that it is correctly shaped and compresses and recovers correctly. If the Polyeurathan film is split and foam is damaged contact your supplier.


All Helping Hand Pressure cushions are tested to BS7176 specification for resistance to ignition of upholstered furniture for non-domestic seating by testing composites. They are certified to ignition source 5 and cigarette and match but please avoid excessive heat or open flame


All Helping Hand Pressure Cushions are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, provided they are used correctly for the purpose they were intended. The warranty does not apply to punctures, tears or burns, not to the cushions removeable cover. The removeable outer and inner covers are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, provided normal use.


Correct and regular cleaning and mainenance helps to extend the life of the cushion.

All covers can be machine washed, please check the label on the individual cushion. Remove the cover from foam composite before machine washing.

Foam composites are covered with a polyurathane film. Providing this film has not been damaged, clean with soft cloth moistened with water and a neutral detergent.

Do not submerge in water

Do not leave the cushion outside – extended exposure to the elements coudl compromise the effectiveness. Store in a dry (moisture free) and clean environment when not in use.


Please ensure that the orientation compass is positioned correctly. If the cover is not used correctly it may reduce or eliminate the cushions benefits and could increase the risk to the skin and soft tissue.

When putting the cover back on to the foam composite please ensure that the cover has been put back on to the foam composite in the correct orientation, and that the orientation compass is in the correct position.

Should you require a new cover, please contact Helping Hand Pressure Care on: 01531 8100199 or sales@hhpressurecare.co.uk